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Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA)

“Tony and Janice own their house and all their accounts are in joint names. They don’t have LPA’s.  One morning they drive to work and are involved in a serious road traffic accident. The accident results in both Tony and Janice being unable to manage their finances and affairs. Their daughter Angela tries to help and manage their finances however as she has no authority (no LPA’s to appoint her as attorney), every action she needs to take to help is subject to a long and lengthy court order.” 


“Steffan is single and lives alone.  He has a condition with his back and needs surgery. After the surgery, he is house bound for months and is unable to do day to day tasks.  He asks his friend, Rhodri to help but the banks won’t speak to Rhodri as he’s not appointed as Steffan’s attorney. Steffan attempts to make an LPA urgently but he’s informed that it will be at least 12 weeks before it can be registered and used”



An LPA is a legal document that gives people of your choice power to deal with your affairs if you become unable to do so for some reason such as loss of mental capacity, illness or accident. 


Mae Atwrneiaeth Arhosol (LPA) yn ddogfen gyfreithiol sy'n rhoi pŵer i berson(au) o’ch dewis i ddelio â'ch materion os na allwch wneud hynny am ryw reswm.



There are two types of powers-

  1. Property and financial affairs

  2. Health and Welfare


We assist clients with the process of appointing an attorney which makes (or helps you make) decisions about things like:

·       money, tax and bills

·       property and investments


We can assist clients with the process of appointing an attorney to make (or help you make) decisions about things like:

·       medical care

·       where you live


The attorney might need to spend your money on things that maintain or improve your quality of life. This can include:


·       new clothes/hairdressing

·       paying for extra support


“I’m as fit as a fiddle, I don’t need one”


WRONG! Whilst you have mental capacity is the ABSOLUTE right time to make an LPA. 

You cannot make an LPA once you have lost mental capacity. If a client loses mental capacity, their loved ones may have to apply to the Court of Protection to become deputies. This is complex, time-consuming and expensive. 


At James Jones Son & Francis Solicitors we have a specialist team experienced in drafting LPAs. 

Mae ein gwasanaeth yn rhoi eich buddiannau chi a'ch teulu yn gyntaf, ac ein hymagwedd gyfeillgar sy'n canolbwyntio ar y cleient sy'n ein gosod ben ag ysgwydd yn uwch nag eraill.


Our service puts the interests of you and your family first, and it’s our client-focused, friendly approach that sets us apart from others.



Sian Eleri Price-Davies


December 2023


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