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Unfortunately sometimes there are situations where people are in dispute with another person or organisation and it appears that court action may be the only option.

Yn anffodus, weithiau mae sefyllfaoedd lle mae pobl yn anghytuno â pherson neu sefydliad arall ac ymddengys mai achos llys yw'r unig opsiwn.

We are here to advise on all aspects of such disputes no matter how they have arisen. This could include disputes over money, property (including boundaries or rights of way), wills, accidents, personal injury or negligence.

Before anyone takes court action attempts have to be made to come to an agreement or settlement. We use our skills at negotiating and mediating to try to come to a resolution.

If it is clear that no agreement is possible we can advise you on the ways in which you can proceed, having regard to the likely costs and timescales involved in bringing the matter to an end.

Ein nod yw darparu cymorth, dealltwriaeth a chefnogaeth. Rydym yn mynd i'r afael ag anghydfodau â chyflymder, brwdfrydedd a gwybodaeth gadarn o'r gyfraith.

It is our aim to provide help, understanding and support. We tackle disputes with speed, energy and a sound knowledge of law.

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