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Often issues arise within a family which can be emotional and problematic for everyone involved. We are here to help you deal with the legal difficulties and to guide you through them.

Yn aml mae materion yn codi o fewn teulu sy'n gallu bod yn emosiynol ac yn broblemus i bawb sy'n gysylltiedig. Rydyn ni yma i'ch helpu i ddelio â'r anawsterau cyfreithiol ac i'ch tywys drwyddynt.


We cover the whole spectrum of divorce and relationship breakdown, including any issues concerning children of your family, related financial matters and property transfers or sales.

We specialise in providing advice on;

  • Divorce procedure and financial settlements by mediation, negotiation or court proceedings. Where possible we will place an emphasis on resolving matters amicably,

  • Cohabitation disputes and any related financial settlements or property,

  • Advice on pre-nuptial and pre-cohabitation agreements,

  • Civil partnerships, the resulting legal implications and relationship breakdown.

  • Any issues and disputes of a non-financial nature concerning children are classed as private law proceedings.  

We, at James Jones Son & Francis have vast experience in dealing with sensitive issues relating to the financial support and care of children. These include arguments over residence, contact, and grandparents' rights.

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, or other concerned individual, we can help provide the advice you need, sensitively, in a professional manner.

P'un a ydych chi'n rhiant, yn nain a thaid, neu’n unigolyn arall dan sylw, gallwn ni helpu i ddarparu'r cyngor sydd ei angen arnoch, yn sensitif, mewn ffordd broffesiynol.

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