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Parties are expected to attempt alternative dispute resolution before litigation.  In some circumstances, a court will not allow an application to proceed without first trying mediation.


Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution with over 80% success rate, where parties settle and litigation can be avoided.


Rydym yn medru helpu datrys anghydfodau, boed yn fater busnes neu yn broblem personol. Rydym yn deall bod problemau yn gallu codi a'r pwysigrwydd o geisio eu datrys yn gyflym, effeithlon a chost-effeithiol.


Attempting mediation often means that parties avoid the expensive court costs and legal fees that parties face when pursuing litigation.  Mediation also focuses parties to resolve a dispute and promotes a settlement that is acceptable for both parties.


We can help you, whether you are a business person or an individual.


We understand that each individual’s case is important to them and will treat everyone’s case professionally and with care. 


Rydym yn barod i weithio yn galed gyda chi er mwyn osgoi achos llys costus a hir.  Byddwn bob amser yn glir o ran ein costau a byddwn yn cyd-weithio gyda chi er mwyn dod o hyd i’r datrysiad gorau posib i chi.


For our Mediator’s availability and fee estimate please contact us. For referrals, please complete the attached Mediation Referral form. 


Am fwy o wybodaeth, cysylltwch gyda ni, neu er mwyn trefnu apwyntiad, cwblhewch y ffurflen.  


The Process

Mediation is an informal process which requires all parties to spend half a day, to a day in one neutral location, although in separate rooms. It is also possible to attempt mediation remotely. 


Mae'r broses yn un anffurfiol a chyfrinachol.  


The Mediator will conduct an opening session, with both parties in attendance in the same room and are asked to take part in opening statements/have their position statements (which can be prepared in advance) read aloud.


Parties will then retire to separate rooms, when the mediator will travel in between rooms to help the parties try to resolve their issues and reach a settlement.


Mediation is an opportunity for parties to have control over how their dispute is handled and the outcome. Something that they do not have if a Court determines the dispute.


Mae'n aml yn gyfle olaf i unigolion neu busnesau gael cyfrannu at sut mae ei achos yn cael ei benderfynnu, heb farnwr yn gwneud y penderfyniad terfynol drosynt. 



The process is a confidential one and anything you say to a mediator cannot be disclosed to the other party/parties and is without prejudice (which means that it cannot be disclosed to third parties or referred to in any Court proceedings at a later date, unless in certain circumstances).


For further information, please contact us on 01559362224 or  Am fwy o wybodaeth, cysylltwch gyda ni.  

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